Oak Lawn Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry Dedicated to Dental Health & Beauty in Oak Lawn

african american family having fun outdoorsFew things can influence overall health, happiness, and confidence as much as your smile. At the dental office of John F. Kozal, DDS, we believe in providing comprehensive family dentistry that focuses on protecting oral health, addressing concerns, and enhancing dental aesthetics. Dr. Kozal and our team have been serving individuals of all ages across Oak Lawn, Alsip, Mt Greenwood, and Crestwood since 1990. Our personable team welcomes all patients, and we deliver comprehensive dental care to ages one and up.

With an exceptional team of hygienists, we offer after school and weekend hours for your convenience. Additionally, our trusted services can be tailored to meet the needs of English and Spanish speaking families. The practice of John F. Kozal, DDS, is located just off S Cicero Ave, on W 109th St and Lacrosse Ave. across from Fasel & Sons Garden Center. Contact us today to schedule your next visit!


General & Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions from Dr. John F. Kozal

Our Oak Lawn dentist and his team are committed to protecting your smile and overall health. Each service we provide is designed to detect and diagnose issues before developing into serious health concerns. We focus on effectively promoting dental health at every stage of life. With decades of experience as a family dentist, Dr. Kozal can customize your treatment to best benefit your needs.

We deliver solutions that enhance what you love about your smile and correct what you don’t. Our dentist will work closely with you to craft a plan built upon your specific goals.

Our available services include, but are not limited to:

While Dr. Kozal is well-versed in general dentistry, he also recognizes the importance of specialized care. We collaborate with trusted professionals and can refer you or your loved ones to the right experts. Our team can ensure your implant placement, wisdom teeth extractions, and pediatric dentistry needs are met.

What Professional Dental Care Can Mean for Your Family

little girl getting a dental checkup with her parents in dental officeHaving a dental team that you can trust to treat every member of your family can provide many advantages to their health, happiness, and overall well-being. When visiting our office, you can expect to receive essential dental care in a comfortable, compassionate, and welcoming environment.

Our dentist skillfully treats children, adults, and seniors. He believes in taking the time to build trusting relationships with every individual. This attention creates positive experiences, greater confidence, and healthier oral hygiene habits. Dr. Kozal and his team will continue to protect your family’s smiles as their oral health needs change with age.

As a family dental practice, all oral health needs, goals, and concerns are cared for in one convenient location. This means no more juggling appointments with different providers or traveling back and forth to various dental offices.

Compassionate Dental Care for Children

little boy getting a dental checkupIntroducing your young child to our dentist and the office environment is vital to their care now and for the future. We encourage you to bring your child in for their first visit as soon as baby teeth erupt, or no later than their first birthday. Dr. Kozal uses these visits to show kids there is nothing to fear from regular dental care.

We work closely with you to help your kids feel relaxed and safe during appointments. When they feel relaxed and comfortable, it makes routine exams and cleanings easier. A positive relationship contributes to a lifetime of good oral hygiene habits and informed decisions regarding their dental care.

Why Dental Care is Essential at Every Age

adult son hugging his senior motherOral health concerns do not discriminate against age. While specific issues, like tooth decay, are often more common in children, this doesn’t mean that regular dental care is any less critical as an adult.

Having a dental care team that treats every member of your family means we can provide comprehensive care based on dental and medical history, lifestyle habits, and even shared genetic profiles.

Having access to specific details allows Dr. Kozal to keep your loved ones safe through effective treatments that can quickly adapt to changing needs.

Diverse Dental Care for Adults & Seniors

Adult and senior smiles often have the most diverse needs. Our Oak Lawn family dentist offers many services designed to address a wide range of concerns. We help improve dental function and appeal, and protect natural teeth whenever possible. These solutions often include:

Cosmetic Dentistry – Our cosmetic services can both improve and protect your smile. Our take-home teeth whitening uses powerful whitening agents to eliminate surface stains while producing beautiful, safe, and effective results. We use porcelain veneers to address multiple issues at once, providing you with a Hollywood-worthy smile that looks and feels completely natural.

Restorations – We provide many treatments to treat decay, damage, infection, and replace missing teeth. White composite fillings are ideal for addressing small amounts of decay or damage. When bacteria and infection compromise the tooth, we provide root canal therapy to save natural tooth structure whenever possible.

Extractions – Removing teeth may be necessary due to severe damage or infection. We provide beautiful and durable crowns, bridges, and denture restorations to restore one to all missing teeth in your smile.

Prevention – Preventive dentistry includes bi-annual dental cleanings, exams, and taking digital x-rays to protect your smile from common oral health concerns. We use appointments to discuss oral hygiene best practices and provide tips for improving oral health.

Dr. Kozal believes preventive care should keep your smile healthy while treating potential issues before they turn into serious concerns.

Gum Disease Treatment & Maintenance

woman showing irritated gumsAt John F. Kozal, DDS, we can detect, diagnose, and treat gum disease with scaling and root planing, and maintenance cleanings. While more common in adults and seniors, gum infection can also affect children and teens. Our dentist can easily customize treatments for younger and adolescent smiles as well.

Our hygienists perform tooth scaling to remove dental plaque tartar buildup above and below the gum line. During root planing, they gently smooth tooth roots to encourage gum tissue reattachment and promote proper healing. Maintenance cleanings can be scheduled every three months for more advanced gum disease treatment.

Trusted Family Dentist in Oak Lawn

Dr. John F. Kozal and his team are committed to the overall well-being of your family. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy a lifetime of beautiful, functional, and happy smiles. Contact our Oak Lawn office to receive trusted family dentistry today!